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Plan, film, and edit a video with any theme. 4 minutes max.

Digital Video


This category includes short stories, documentaries, commercials, music videos, etc.  Non-original music may be used with proper permissions and attribution.  Entries will be judged on composition, content, and editing.

  1. Individual or team project (2-3 members)

  2. Time constraint:  4 minutes or less from beginning to end. (An additional 30 seconds of credits can be added at the end if you would like.)

  3. Upload to Youtube, Vimeo or other video hosting site and submit URL

  4. Document music as original or license to use and publish. Copyright-free, royalty-free and Creative Commons music is accepted.  Attribute original author in credits. Other music can be used if uploaded to youtube and original artist retains monetization (automatic when detected).

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