Welcome to the Utah Digital Media Arts Festival Webpage!

The DMAF is a yearly festival showcasing the best work of Digital Media students from across the state!  There are many different categories students can compete in:

  • T-Shirt and Poster – Create a poster and a single-color t-shirt design to promote the festival.  All festival attendees receive the winning t-shirt.
  • 2D Graphics – Vector – Use a vector program such as Adobe Illustrator to create an original 2D illustration, such as a logo or infographic.
  • 2D Graphics – Raster – Use a raster program such as Adobe Photoshop to create an original 2D illustration or drawing.
  • 3D Graphics – Original still images created in a 3D graphics program such as Maya and Blender.
  • Digital Photography – Original student digital photography.
  • Composite Photography – Digital photo manipulations and composites
  • Animation – Stop Motion – Use 2D or 3D stop motion techniques with clay, Lego, whiteboard, etc. to create an animation. 90 seconds max.
  • 2D Animation – Tradigital – Use traditional or digital hand-drawn animation techniques to create an animation. 90 seconds max.
  • 3D Animation – Animate in a 3D software package.  Pre-built character rigs are allowed. 90 seconds max.
  • Digital Video – Plan, film, and edit a video with any theme.  4 minutes max.
  • Digital Audio – Use digital tools to create an original music, radio commercials, short radio plays, etc. 2 minutes max.
  • Web Design – Design a website demonstrating good design with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. 10 pages max.
  • Interactive Media – Create a game using GameMaker, Unity, Flash, or other software.

Deadline for entries is April 14, 2017.